See my photo on the new olloclip for iPhone 5 packaging

Here is my printed macro photo (taken with the iPhone and olloclip lens) 🙂 I meant to share this news a long time ago…

Waterdrop on blade of grass

Water drop on a blade of grass by Ricky Araujo

I was very excited when olloclip said they wanted to use one of my Instagram macros on the new packaging. I gave them several options, and they chose this close-up of a water drop.

Check out my macro photo on the new olloclip for iPhone 5 packaging at your local Apple Store, Best Buy or Target!


Win these 12 cool magnet photos from Picpack!


Picpack offers “packs” of your Instagram photos printed as magnets. The quality is great and they arrived in perfect condition all the way from Germany. They ship anywhere in the world for a flat rate. Simply login with your Instagram account, and then choose which 12 you want to print. The whole process was simple and the turnaround is fast.

I teamed up with Picpack, and we’re giving away this set of my 12 favorite Instagram macro photos. Like on Facebook, like the photo of the Picpack magnets, and leave a comment to enter the giveaway. Good luck to all!


ColorStrokes iPhone app is a blast!


ColorStrokes for iPhone by MacPhun LLC is a great photography app to alter the colors of your photos or paint new color to create a piece of art.

Coming from a professional Photoshop retoucher, I found it incredibly intuitive and easy to use on my iPhone. I’ve used similar apps in the past, but the experience wasn’t fluid and at times frustrating. ColorStrokes makes painting your photos fun. I especially liked the level of customization and attention to detail:

  • Sepia or cool tone background instead of the standard black and white
  • Preset filter effects
  • Custom opacity and softness of brushes
  • Zoom window to see behind your finger
  • View mask mode
  • Here is a before & after of a recent ColorStrokes macro creation I shared on Instagram.


    ColorStrokes edit20120921-222934.jpg

    Check out the reviews and give it a try. This app is a winner!

    *For those curious, my macro photos are taken with an iPhone 4 and Olloclip macro lens.

    Magnolia Jumping Spider – How many eyes can you count?!

    Magnolia Jumping SpiderI found this fellow on a branch at eye level. He was very curious and lived up to his name by jumping onto my iPhone. I shook him off like a little girl, and watched him hide under some dead leaves. I lost him.

    About five minutes later, as I was photographing an orb weaver spider in the same area, I felt something crawling up the hairs on my leg. It was my friend, this little Magnolia Jumping Spider. Thinking quickly, I used a leaf to scoop him off my leg, and placed him safely on the ground, so I could get some quick pics.